2021 High Performance Program Spring Identification Camp Registration


The High Performance Program (HPP) spring identification camp registration is open in all divisions, early registration ends Friday, March 19th.

To register visit the following link


For those with credit from 2020 HPP Camps contact Chad Brinson cbrinson@hockeynl.ca for a separate registration link.

2021 HPP Spring Camp Dates & Locations:


Camp: Female U16                                                                        Camp: Female U18

DOB: 2006, 2007, 2008                                                                  DOB: 2004, 2005

Location: Paradise Double Ice Complex                                     Location: Paradise Double Ice Complex

Dates: April 16 – 18                                                                        Dates: April 17 & 18


Camp: Male U14                                                                             Camp: Male U15

DOB: 2008                                                                                        DOB: 2007

Location: Goulds                                                                             Arena Location: Paradise Double Ice Complex

Dates: April 16 – 18                                                                        Dates: April 16 - 17         


Camp: Male U16                                                                             Camp: Labrador 

DOB: 2006                                                                                        Location: TBD

Location: Paradise Double Ice Complex                                     Dates: TBD

Dates: April 17 – 18




Cost per camp is $210.00 ($10 non-refundable PayPal fee) Players receive practice, game ice, and a jersey to keep.  

Online Payment:


We are pleased to introduce an online payment & registration set-up for the 2021 HPP Spring Identification Camps. The registration is set-up in 4 simple steps.


STEP 1: Add player/create account 

STEP 2: Complete Registration Information

STEP 3: Select Camp to Attend 

STEP 4: Payment 


Late Registration: 

Please note if you registered after Friday, March 19th, a late fee will apply, the total after Friday, March 19th is $235.00 (Administrative fee applied).

For the remaining camps, we cannot guarantee how late registration will be extended, this will depend on the camp/division numbers. All players are encouraged to register by Friday, March 19th  to ensure a spot in their respective division.



For more informaiton regarding the HPP camps please visit:



Any questions or concerns please contact:


Ken Chafe

Development Chair 

Hockey NL




Chad Brinson

Technical Director

Hockey NL